Growing pains

Sadly, we are all selfish.
As much as we all encourage growth and whatnot, we still find it hard to accept that others have grown. We congratulate ourselves, we praise ourselves, we feel good about ourselves when we compare our intellect of years ago to the present time (at this point, it is no crime to be narcissistic). But we find it hard to accept that someone else has grown, not just any growth, but one that supersedes how we ever imagined.  For instance, a supposed mentor will preach growth constantly to a mentee, but will, in turn, find it hard to accept that growth when it comes. 
So many times, we mistake naivety for humility and growth for pride. We like people to live by our rules. Even parents want that same 2-year-old baby who answered to everything they stipulated to still be the 20-year-old adult. Somehow, they still want you to follow their precepts, beliefs and all without understanding that you have grown to have a life of your own even though they still preach “growth” …

Bress of Laiv

Bobo loved bress. Everything that tottered on the chest gave him joy. Quick fingered he was for he pressed in public, at home, at work, in church. Bobo simply lived to press, and press he did. Flat, round, fallen, upcoming, black, brown, bleached; Bobo pressed all.
All bress soft and press-able the good Lord made them all!
Bobo also had keen sight—the superman kind of vision. He could spot bress from miles away. Yes, Bobo was good like that.
And though his friends warned that unallowed bress pressing and sighting would burst his bubble, sweet Bobo would sneer and say he expected a good many busts. He sure punned on the bust, lord knows!
Blessing was the baddest, bustiest bitch around. She had 'em gaddem bress that nodded at all bress lookers and made fallen soldiers rise in defiant attention. Oh, Blessing had it all! And so she caged 'em bress in a bra like two peas in a pod. Blessing liked the attention her bress brought, and the daredevils who were game enough to want to feel &#…


1.I don’t have an English name (if you must ask why, ask in Igbo).
2.Not your regular human but I’m a Being (I’m not responsible for how you understand that).
3.“All-back” is my signature hair. Oh yeah! You read well.
4.I’m pretty sure God didn’t create me with honey or sugar but I ended up being sweet.☺️🀭
5.With all my intelligence and sense at my age, I still can’t differentiate between ginger and garlic. Ayi!!πŸ₯ΊπŸ™ˆ
6.I am not blind but I can barely “see” without my glasses. 
7.I would rather sleep than do Hangouts.
8.I love food. So much.
9.I hate being generalized.
10.I am too nice. You should employ me as your friend with daily salary. But please, have sense.
11. Onions is overrated. 😣 I will legit pick out onions while I eat (I don't need eyeglass for that one😁).
12. I am a baby–woman.
13. I need you to keep visiting the blog.
14. I want you to know that I love you and I appreciate your indulgence. Your comments and shares, I really appreciate.
It's been a wonderful journey with you…


The year was 2026. It was a stormy September night. One of the worst ones young David had experienced. Lightning forked across the dark sky and the sound of thunder seemed to reverberate from one end of the universe to the other. The windows rattled as the the rains hit them ferociously. David, sixteen at the time, sat at his desk by the window of his musty room, peering into the darkness outside. A dim table lamp, provided the only light source in the otherwise dark room, just enough light for him to see the words in the textbook he was reading. He knew it was futile though. This was one of those nights he knew he wouldn't understand much. Lightning flashes illuminated the room for brief moments and if you were there, you would have spotted the old Burna Boy poster duct-taped to the wall, along with several movie posters and a huge map of the world with a big 'X' scrawled over it. 
By general standards, this first floor apartment he lived in, somewhere in mainland Lagos, j…


The back of my head itched as I raked my hands through my hair, trying to calm the mumblings in my head. I drove in dissatisfaction as my mind struggled to figure out why my day felt incomplete. There was something I was yet to do.
I was bothered. I’d done everything perfectly today except for one thing, which kept me restless. I woke up at exactly 5:30am, completed my official report at 6:00am, had my bath at 6:30am, and got ready for work at 7:00am. I ate breakfast by 7:30am, and got to the office by 8am.
I always had a complete day; doing my routines at the appropriate time without skipping any.
At 8pm, I was already on my way home. The car sped through the darkening day, its headlight flashing, warning the incoming traffic. I scowled as my grip on the steering tightened considerably. It frustrated me greatly that I had forgotten something. I took deep breaths to calm myself, my frustration mounting by the second. It was becoming a not-so-perfect day. My day wasn’t fulfilled. I n…


I sailed as an island From the coast of euphoria Drowning in the ocean of self Risk taken, not perturbed by the cries of caution Journeying through the strangers' path of familiarity; A loner's escape route.
Void of expectations You came with friendship.
Tossed by the wave of insecurities By the storms of reality And the tides of mistakes But we sailed. This time, as an us-land, Not by the craftsmanship of a sailor But with "Values" as our captain Anchoring on our dreams On the cabin of togetherness Built with the plan; "two are better than one".
Friendship Beautiful cruise with loads of imperfections But we were never like the Titanic.


They skip Eph 6:4; that verse kinda alters their ego.  All they seem to do well is make rules and set a child on the highway of expectations to fulfill and seek total obedience without questions.
To them, training a child is all about financial responsibilities: paying fees, providing food, shelter and clothing. Even though all these are basic necessities a child needs, there’s more to training a child
They seek respect and submission of which they deserve but give no “attention” or a listening ear to a child’s opinion. They  are always right and the child is always wrong; thinking they don’t need correction from the child but the child needs correcting from them. To them, a child is bound to make wrong choices but they can never make wrong decisions for the child. Oh yes! Because they love the child too well to mislead him/her. How thoughtful!  They equate age to wisdom; elders they are, you must not question their words.
As a norm, they impose things on the child, thinking he/she do…